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How to Safely Remove USB Drives from Your Laptop

Before you unplug that USB drive from your laptop you might want to consider taking a few extra steps before doing so. You may have noticed the icon in your system tray, or notification area that looks like the end of a USB cable and has a small solid green circle with a white check mark in it. This is the Safely Remove Hardware indicator and it means that you have a USB device, like a hard drive or [...] Continue Reading...

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Cheap Laptops for Sale Under 200 and what to Expect

Besides the price the good thing about cheap laptops for sale under 200 is that they are quite often used laptops with great features which sold for a much higher price originally. Like practically any other electronic device when they are used they can be a really good solution, and some of the best laptop deals will have lots of useful life ahead of them. This is where condition comes in. Lots of people use their laptop for a [...] Continue Reading...

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Dell Inspiron 5100 Cheap Used Laptops

The Dell Inspiron 5100 was released as a desktop replacement system which was designed to provide a good mix between productivity and multimedia capabilities. Today the Dell Inspiron 5100 makes a good cheap laptop for sale under 200 dollars and we see many of them in great condition quite frequently. The typical configuration will include 512MB of RAM and a maximum amount of system memory is 1GB so this is a decent match for Windows XP Home or Professional [...] Continue Reading...

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Toshiba Tecra Laptops Under 400

The Toshiba Tecra product line includes a variety of laptops which are designed to provide speed and reliability with features that can be useful in recreational as well as business environments. The used Toshiba laptops under 400 dollars include fast standard models as well as built to order units. Examples include the M9 models will give you a 14.1 inch widescreen WXGA LCD screen, and the Tecra A9 which provides a 15.4 inch WSXGA+ LCD screen. Note that the [...] Continue Reading...

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Differences between Refurbished Laptops and Used Laptops

What is the difference between Refurbished Laptops and Used Laptops?

This is a good question and the differences are pretty basic. If you think about used laptops, they are simply pre-owned meaning that they have been sold and are no longer considered new. They might be several years old or they may only be a few months old. However, they are by definition "used" since they simply are no longer "brand new".

Refurbished laptops on the other hand are essentially used [...] Continue Reading...

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Dell D610 Laptops For Under 200

Among the various cheap laptops under 200 dollars we see each day are some great standards like the Dell D610 Latitude model.

This laptop provides the user with an Intel Pentium M processor typically in the 1.8GHz range depending on the original configuration. This particular incarnation of the Pentium M uses a 2MB L2 cache with a 533MHz bus. This was at one time an impressive specification yet obviously these days this would be considered quite slow compared to the [...] Continue Reading...

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