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Handy Features among Used Dell Inspiron Models

Much of the older technology found in these laptops is still found in many homes and businesses today because it is good for exactly what it was originally designed to do. We compare some of the specifications among used Dell Inspiron laptops and note some very commonly found technologies as well. The Inspiron N4110 14R for example comes in many different versions, some of which are powered by the Core i3 processor which is much faster compared to the [...] Continue Reading...

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Keeping Laptop Prices Cheap does not mean limiting Quality

Each year will bring new laptop models which will reflect varying levels of features and each will also focus on specific consumers as well as price points. The basic laptop models are going to have what most people are looking for in a cheap laptop under 200 dollars. Even the basics are going to have multiple methods for connecting to the Internet such as Fast Ethernet as well as WiFi options. These days either one of these are going [...] Continue Reading...

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How to disable the UAC on your Laptop

We will give you the simple steps to disable the UAC here, but also provide you with a bit of information about what it is and why it may be best to leave it on and just deal with the pop-ups as needed.

The User Account Control feature will alert the user to the fact that a program is attempting to run on the system. This is a security feature that greatly helps in the effort to prevent unwanted programs [...] Continue Reading...

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Laptops have Factory Recommended Power Settings

While there are undoubtedly plenty of small similarities between portable computers and desktop computers, they are fundamentally quite different when it comes to powering them. The most obvious aspects of these differences include the portability that laptops have in comparison. The great thing is that while they are smaller thus more portable, they are capable of doing an equal amount of tasks comparable to desktops. Many of the cheap $200 laptops for instance will have newer and highly powerful [...] Continue Reading...

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Reliability in the Cheap Laptops you find for Sale

Being able to rely on a cheap laptop to complete what you might think of as basic tasks actually can involve some rather impressive accomplishments within the computer itself. Even the things which you do everyday on your computer still require the perfect work of the components within the laptop (CPU, motherboard, RAM, etc...) operating in conjunction with each other. Today’s cheap laptops for sale may be really affordable compared to the higher ranges of really fast and powerful [...] Continue Reading...

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Heads up about Netbooks in the 200 Dollar Price Range

There are instances where a netbook may or may not be the right solution for what you need in a laptop, so here is a heads up if you are comparing laptops in the 200 dollar price range. If you are going to consider purchasing one of the cheap netbooks for sale these days then you really should plan to upgrade the memory from 1GB to 2GB for performance reasons. Do these kinds of laptops under 200 dollars perform [...] Continue Reading...

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