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Handy Features among Used Dell Inspiron Models

Much of the older technology found in these laptops is still found in many homes and businesses today because it is good for exactly what it was originally designed to do. We compare some of the specifications among used Dell Inspiron laptops and note some very commonly found technologies as well. The Inspiron N4110 14R for example comes in many different versions, some of which are powered by the Core i3 processor which is much faster compared to the 1.8GHz Pentium M found in the Inspiron 600M. The Inspiron 600M is an older Dell laptop model and the ones we often see have 60GB to 80GB hard drives which is small compared to the sizes we see today, yet if you do not plan on storing lots of large files on your hard drive then this should not be a concern. The originals may also have DVD RW drives as these are smaller, multimedia laptops which are good for the cheap prices which they can have. Some of the more recent used laptops in this line also have 500GB hard drives, Windows 7 and 6GB of system memory. While this is the higher side of this line, the do share some common features with the lower price models such as webcams and are excellent for online usage as well with WiFi already built-in to the system.

Refurbished Dell Inspiron 5100

The fact is that each of these laptops has features which are going to appeal to different people. For the people who consider the price first then something like the cheap Dell laptops for $200 or less are usually going to provide a good match for their basic daily computing needs. This line of laptops varied slightly with the inclusion of the Inspiron 5100 series found here. When looking at these used laptops under 200 they are usually in excellent condition however since they are so cheap they typically have some minor signs of wear. This can include surface scratches on the top cover or other areas of the plastics yet when they are merely cosmetic they pose no issue to their performance capabilities which is by far the most important aspect of them. Actually many of the newer laptops vs. those which have been refurbished will quickly develop these kinds of minor imperfections after they have been used for only a short period of time simply because laptops are portable and this is just to be expected. These older laptops for sale will usually have either Windows XP or Windows 7 installed on them. When the operating systems are freshly installed they offer a completely fresh beginning ready for all the needed apps to be installed. The really important ones at this point are those which will keep the laptop safe and secure on the Internet. Even some of the older used Dell Inspiron laptops have WiFi ready to go yet those which do not can easily use an external network card and since they are going to have multiple USB ports this is a very simple upgrade which users should have no problems completing. So as you can see there are multiple options to match the specific needs which you are looking for.

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