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How to Reset Internet Explorer

Why Reset Your Browser?

Reset Internet Explorer

There are many reasons why people reset the web browsers on their laptops. Sometimes they need to reset them in order to start from scratch. Sometimes there is a need to reset your web browser due to performance issues. You may have made some changes to the configurations and yet you do not remember each of the changes you made.

There are plenty of settings to change on any of the laptops under 200 dollars and each can improve your computing experience just as there are many that are commonly set for a specific need. However sometimes spyware can actually cause some of these settings to become reconfigured in less than desirable ways. No matter what the need is though, you can easily reset your browser to the default settings.

How to Reset Internet Explorer

This video is for Internet Explorer 7

Here is a very easy way to reset IE7 to the default settings. Keep in mind that this will cause any custom settings to be reset and you will need to reconfigure them if you need to.

Most Popular Web Browsers

List of the Most Popular Browsers

In this case we are looking at Internet Explorer 7 which many computer users choose as their default browser. Of course, there are many browsers to choose from these days. For instance some of the more popular browsers on the laptops for sale under 300 and desktop computers as well are:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera

There are also several mobile browsers in use.

History of the Web Browser

Web Browser Evolution

Early experiments in the technology behind modern day web browsers occurred during the 1980's. The MOSAIC browser is the most well known of the period. Many people deserve credit for this long-term development and the 1990's continued to unveil much advancement in this field.

If you remember back when the web was burgeoning in popularity among the public for the first time, it seemed like Netscape was by far the most popular web browser. Then Microsoft began including a web browser bundled with their Windows operating systems and the market quickly bowed to Microsoft taking the lion's share of the web browser market.

Netscape to Mozilla: Open Source

Adjustments to the Marketplace

After the change in the market share, Netscape started making their browser open source thus creating Mozilla. This did not originally make much dent on the overall market share, yet things would eventually change.

Today Firefox which evolved from the Mozilla product is an extremely fast growing web browser. People like to use it on their refurbished laptops under 200 dollars for the speed it offers, plus the ability to ad lots of plug-ins which can ad an enormous degree of additional functionality to the browser.

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