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Keeping Laptop Prices Cheap does not mean limiting Quality

Each year will bring new laptop models which will reflect varying levels of features and each will also focus on specific consumers as well as price points. The basic laptop models are going to have what most people are looking for in a cheap laptop under 200 dollars. Even the basics are going to have multiple methods for connecting to the Internet such as Fast Ethernet as well as WiFi options. These days either one of these are going to be fast, and for those laptops designed with 802.11G for instance the speeds are going to be quite acceptable for gaming on the laptop as well. This will however depend greatly upon the actual download and upload speeds which you are getting from your Internet Service Provider or ISP. In most areas today there are options which are at least adequate for streaming video and gaming too.

Within the last few months there has been a noticeable amount of great laptop deals under 300 dollars each of which have the two ways of network connectivity, wired and wireless, yet these also have faster Central Processing Units (CPUs) as well. The Intel Dual Core processors can be found in many of these, from various manufactures, and they ultimately help the laptop perform faster during anything that you do on it. However if you are really considering what the additional cost will bring you should consider the following. By simply paying a little more for the laptop, yet remaining under $300 the processor may in certain units have better caching capabilities which will help in the performance of the laptop when you are online gaming for instance. This tends to be worth considering and looking further into to those consumers who like to use their laptops for these purposes. But what if you only need to do the basics on your laptop?

Refurbished Laptop

Those people who only need a basic notebook computer are in luck as well. Sure, there are going to be standards these days which in the past years would have cost far more but when they are considered standard even on the cheap laptops then there is relatively little price difference for them. If you look at some of the laptops for 200-300 dollars over the last year for instance then you will see some similarities among them no matter which manufacturer they are. This is in essence a great example of how the standard features within lower priced laptops today are found on the various cheap refurbished models. The overall speed however is going to depend on far more than just the CPU and the caching capabilities yet many consumers merely want to know the less technical information regarding the laptop specifications. So what we typically find is that people are interested in the connectivity options, the processor speed, the amount of Random Access Memory or RAM, and the hard drive space.

Sure, these are just the basics but you might be surprised at how often people only consider things like how many USB ports there are or whether there are ports for SD Cards and similar features as an afterthought. It is interesting but ultimately when people are considering the benefits of any cheap laptops under 300 dollars they will have what they want already in mind to some degree. We always recommend doing at least some research into the individual models before making a decision. This will help you understand not only the features better but the quality of the laptop as well.

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Cheap Laptops for Sale Under 200 and what to Expect

Besides the price the good thing about cheap laptops for sale under 200 is that they are quite often used laptops with great features which sold for a much higher price originally. Like practically any other electronic device when they are used they can be a really good solution, and some of the best laptop deals will have lots of useful life ahead of them. This is where condition comes in. Lots of people use their laptop for a few years and then upgrade to a new laptop. When they sell their used laptop it creates a great opportunity.

Cheap Laptops for Sale Under $200

What should you actually look for in one of these used or refurbished laptops? Essentially the condition is going to be what determines the best deal. Take a look at the description to make sure that the computer is in good working condition. This will include things like being able to access the Internet and that it is not running slow. Keep in mind though that a fresh installation of the operating system just like on new laptops is a good idea, and many sellers will already have done this. This will give the laptop a nice fresh start without issues from viruses or spyware. This also helps to remove any personal information which the seller had on the computer.

The actual cosmetic condition of the used laptop is another aspect of what you should consider. The primary reason for this is that when the laptop is in good condition in this respect then it will indicate that it has been well taken care of by the previous owner. This is always a good sign since getting a healthy laptop computer can mean a long life of use and reliability.

HP Compaq 6730b Core 2 Duo 253ghz 4GB 250GB DVDRW WiFi Linux Laptop w AC
HP Compaq 6730b Core 2 Duo 253ghz 4GB 250GB DVDRW WiFi Linux Laptop w AC
Laptop HP EliteBook 8440p 14 Core i5 520M 2 4GHz 4GB 250GB WIN 7 webcam
Laptop HP EliteBook 8440p 14 Core i5 520M 2 4GHz 4GB 250GB WIN 7 webcam
HP 6710b Intel Core 2 Duo 200GHz 2GB 160GB 154in Laptop Windows 10
HP 6710b Intel Core 2 Duo 200GHz 2GB 160GB 154in Laptop Windows 10
HP 15 AF115NR 156 Win 10 4GB AMD E1 6015 140GHz 500GB Laptop
HP 15 AF115NR 156 Win 10 4GB AMD E1 6015 140GHz 500GB Laptop
HP ProBook 6470b Core i5 3320M  260GHz 4GB 320GB 4GB Laptop 14 Tested Working
HP ProBook 6470b Core i5 3320M 260GHz 4GB 320GB 4GB Laptop 14 Tested Working
HP Mini 210 1190NR Intel Atom Core N455 166GHz 4GB 101in Laptop
HP Mini 210 1190NR Intel Atom Core N455 166GHz 4GB 101in Laptop
HP Compaq 6910P 141 Laptop Core 2 Duo T8300 24GHz 4GB 120GB w Win 10 Pro
HP Compaq 6910P 141 Laptop Core 2 Duo T8300 24GHz 4GB 120GB w Win 10 Pro
HP Elitebook 6930p Laptop Core 2 Duo253GHZ 4GB 160GB 14 Win7 Wifi BT
HP Elitebook 6930p Laptop Core 2 Duo253GHZ 4GB 160GB 14 Win7 Wifi BT
HP 15 f337WM 156 Laptop AMD Quad Core A8 6410 APU 20GHz 24GHz 4GB 500GB
HP 15 f337WM 156 Laptop AMD Quad Core A8 6410 APU 20GHz 24GHz 4GB 500GB

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For $200 Laptops you should expect the following:

There are numerous makes and models of laptops for sale under 200 dollars to choose from and in this price range they often share relatively similar specifications. Aside from the overall condition of the laptop here are some of the specs that you should typically expect to find:

  • RAM: 512MB and Up
  • Operating System: XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Hard Drive: 40GB and Up
  • Screen Size: 10.1" to 17"
  • CPU: Pentium 4, Dual Core, Athlon
  • Wi-Fi: Wireless Capabilities
  • Optical Drive: CD/DVD Combo
  • Good Cosmetic Condition
  • Good Operating Condition

Basic specs like this will allow you to use your laptop for all the most popular activities today. From school work and business to gaming and social media, you will find these basic features on most of the cheap laptops which we feature. Just remember that when a used or refurbished laptop has been well taken care of it often shows in its condition as well as its description.

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Differences between Refurbished Laptops and Used Laptops

What is the difference between Refurbished Laptops and Used Laptops?

This is a good question and the differences are pretty basic. If you think about used laptops, they are simply pre-owned meaning that they have been sold and are no longer considered new. They might be several years old or they may only be a few months old. However, they are by definition "used" since they simply are no longer "brand new".

Refurbished laptops on the other hand are essentially used laptops yet they have undergone some form of testing by either competent laptop technicians in a shop, depot or factory. Many of the factory refurbished laptops will come with a warranty (6 months is quite common) from the manufacturer or occasionally from the retailer.


The testing and servicing of the refurbished laptop is a plus for the buyer since it identifies and addresses any issues with the hardware by replacing it. In our experience, the majority of laptops which are factory refurbished will make use of refurbished parts as well. If you read the warranty of a major computer manufacture then you might just find that this is true. The replacement parts which address issues with the laptop while it is under the initial warranty (as in a brand new laptop) will often actually be used or refurbished. This is very common and is certainly not a bad thing. Actually the parts themselves will undergo a good deal of testing as well.


Typically the software in a refurbished laptop is going to be reset to the way it was when it first came out of the factory. This involves the formatting of the hard drive and then the re-imaging of it. Take a factory refurbished laptop for example. The model will have initially included the operating system, drivers for that specific model, utilities and several applications (often trial versions). This image will be placed onto the hard drive as it would have been when it was initially made. Many major computer companies will perform these refurbishing processes at the same location which produces the laptops.

Advantages of Both

The primary advantage of buying used or refurbished laptops is the price. This can ultimately amount to a substantial savings, especially buying used laptops. The refurbished laptops will typically command a higher price than comparable used models. The used laptops will provide the most significant savings and in some instances will have a warranty as well. At Priceit.biz we provide the best, most current selection of laptops under 200 dollars so that you can carefully look at the buying options available and make the most informed decision. No matter what price range you are in, hopefully this information gives you a great perspective of what the difference between refurbished laptops and used models are and ultimately helps you save cash.

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How to Reset Internet Explorer

Why Reset Your Browser?

Reset Internet Explorer

There are many reasons why people reset the web browsers on their laptops. Sometimes they need to reset them in order to start from scratch. Sometimes there is a need to reset your web browser due to performance issues. You may have made some changes to the configurations and yet you do not remember each of the changes you made.

There are plenty of settings to change on any of the laptops under 200 dollars and each can improve your computing experience just as there are many that are commonly set for a specific need. However sometimes spyware can actually cause some of these settings to become reconfigured in less than desirable ways. No matter what the need is though, you can easily reset your browser to the default settings.

How to Reset Internet Explorer

This video is for Internet Explorer 7

Here is a very easy way to reset IE7 to the default settings. Keep in mind that this will cause any custom settings to be reset and you will need to reconfigure them if you need to.

Most Popular Web Browsers

List of the Most Popular Browsers

In this case we are looking at Internet Explorer 7 which many computer users choose as their default browser. Of course, there are many browsers to choose from these days. For instance some of the more popular browsers on the laptops for sale under 300 and desktop computers as well are:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera

There are also several mobile browsers in use.

History of the Web Browser

Web Browser Evolution

Early experiments in the technology behind modern day web browsers occurred during the 1980's. The MOSAIC browser is the most well known of the period. Many people deserve credit for this long-term development and the 1990's continued to unveil much advancement in this field.

If you remember back when the web was burgeoning in popularity among the public for the first time, it seemed like Netscape was by far the most popular web browser. Then Microsoft began including a web browser bundled with their Windows operating systems and the market quickly bowed to Microsoft taking the lion's share of the web browser market.

Netscape to Mozilla: Open Source

Adjustments to the Marketplace

After the change in the market share, Netscape started making their browser open source thus creating Mozilla. This did not originally make much dent on the overall market share, yet things would eventually change.

Today Firefox which evolved from the Mozilla product is an extremely fast growing web browser. People like to use it on their refurbished laptops under 200 dollars for the speed it offers, plus the ability to ad lots of plug-ins which can ad an enormous degree of additional functionality to the browser.

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Solutions which are Cheap Enough for Refurbished Laptops

Would it be worth the cost to have a broken laptop refurbished? This is a question that is presented to many people once their laptops develop an issue, typically with hardware. It is definitely possible to make refurbished laptops just as good as new in the sense that all components as well as installed software are running fresh like they were when they originally left the factory.

If a customer is faced with this question it would be pretty obvious that the actual cost of the parts and labor to deal with the broken laptop would be the first order of business. Would the laptop be worth $200 or less when compared to one that is already working? Some of the hardware components within a laptop are especially expensive and will often be the main cause of the customer choosing to not go the way of fixing or replacing them. The cost of labor will always be a significant factor as well.

The reality is that to properly refurbish laptops which require complete disassembly is going to be significantly more time consuming than other minor projects. This in itself will greatly affect the labor charges. When used laptops under 200 dollars are capable of fully replacing the broken laptops in a much cheaper manner, the solution is usually pretty predictable. Nobody is looking to spend more money than what is necessary.

While every situation is different, we will often recommend to customers that they should look at having their important data transferred to the replacement laptop from the old one. There are some instances where the actual hard drive from the old laptop can be used in one of the cheap laptops under $200 that is a replacement however this is not really a good method in all cases. Basically the issues with tracking down all the drivers and the pesky issues with the operating system in doing this kind of a procedure simply ads more time the labor costs anyway. Luckily there are much quicker and long term better approaches.

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Ease of Disassembly of Laptops under 300 Relative to other Models

There are instances where it is necessary to dismantle a laptop computer to some degree, and sometimes it is necessary to completely disassemble the laptop. The need to do this will be based on what needs to be done, usually to troubleshoot or replace a component. For instance, if you are going to replace a MacBook logic board then you will likely have to go very deep into the disassembly process on any of the model variations. There are however some laptops which are what we refer to as "tech friendly" because they are a breeze to work on compared to some others out there.

Logic Board

Typically this kind of work will be done in a shop, or repair depot, on a workbench with all of the necessary tools and components at hand which are needed to perform the troubleshooting as well as the repairs. However when working in the field as a laptop technician, there really are no limits to where you might find yourself having to disassemble a laptop computer.

Basically if you have the parts, and you are under contract to fix computers onsite, then you will not always have the luxury of a workbench and endless tools and parts. These can be the instances to hope that you do not have to work on too many of the more unfriendly designs that are out there. These can include older laptops as well as newer ones. Price does not come into play here. Most of the laptops under 300 dollars are pretty easy to work on just like some of the more expensive models are as well. If you back to the mid to late 1990's, then a lot of the designs were tough to work on. This does not mean that they were bad designs actually many were really well constructed. Yet over the years more streamlined laptop designs have become much more common in all price ranges.

In all reality it is probably not a good idea to perform any major laptop dismantling on your own. A lot of people have some knowledge of working on different electronics and such, but there are typically a ton of various screw sizes as well as little pieces which must be placed just right in the whole scheme of things when it comes time to putting all the components back together again. Taking everything apart is not necessarily easy, but putting them all back the way they need to be, and then having the refurbished laptops actually power up with everything working after the fact leaves basically no room for error whatsoever in most cases.

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