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Heads up about Netbooks in the 200 Dollar Price Range

There are instances where a netbook may or may not be the right solution for what you need in a laptop, so here is a heads up if you are comparing laptops in the 200 dollar price range. If you are going to consider purchasing one of the cheap netbooks for sale these days then you really should plan to upgrade the memory from 1GB to 2GB for performance reasons. Do these kinds of laptops under 200 dollars perform alright with just 1GB? Yes they do but they can be noticeably slow to respond even during completely basic stuff like viewing web pages. The new ones are typically going to be running Windows 7 which is much more resource intensive than XP was for example. So if you can afford to, you should increase the RAM to 2GB. Basically on every netbook that we have tested this with, the performance difference is very noticeable.

When using netbooks like this you really should not expect them to be some kind of a desktop replacement anyway. They are small and lightweight and that is essentially their main appeal. They do well for the basic stuff such as online things like email, web browsing, also creating and editing documents and spreadsheets. But when there is only the bare minimum amount of memory installed in the netbook then things will be slow. It is noticeable and really the price of laptop RAM is so cheap these days that you might as well just count on the upgrade right from the beginning.

More new models today will have improved technology like DDR3 for instance which can be noticeable performance wise during basic use. But remember that tying to stay under 200 dollars will limit the model choices. Keeping in mind that the cheap laptops for sale like these are going to be limited in what they can effectively do will help you avoid finding this out later on. Getting a good refurbished laptop on the other hand can be a better option for you if you do need a more powerful computer. One that is larger and has more powerful components, like processor, motherboard and RAM for instance, will ultimately be much more responsive to basic computing tasks. They will also be able to do the more advanced things (meaning the need for more available resources) like video watching or working with large files. The smaller laptops, even with maxed out memory, will still not be a good solution for more than the basics.

There are some new models which do actually have better processors and more RAM though. However they are slightly larger too (13 inch screen sizes for instance) and they are much more than 200 dollars. So at least there is a choice among the various cheap laptops for sale today. The things to consider are how responsive you want your laptop to be. If you do absolutely nothing but the basics then some of the new netbook models can give you a good tool for the job, bearing in mind that they can require a bit more patience when working with them. Or if you want a more versatile and powerful model then the refurbished laptops can be a great choice when the price is a consideration.

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Cheap Laptops for Sale Under 200 and what to Expect

Besides the price the good thing about cheap laptops for sale under 200 is that they are quite often used laptops with great features which sold for a much higher price originally. Like practically any other electronic device when they are used they can be a really good solution, and some of the best laptop deals will have lots of useful life ahead of them. This is where condition comes in. Lots of people use their laptop for a few years and then upgrade to a new laptop. When they sell their used laptop it creates a great opportunity.

Cheap Laptops for Sale Under $200

What should you actually look for in one of these used or refurbished laptops? Essentially the condition is going to be what determines the best deal. Take a look at the description to make sure that the computer is in good working condition. This will include things like being able to access the Internet and that it is not running slow. Keep in mind though that a fresh installation of the operating system just like on new laptops is a good idea, and many sellers will already have done this. This will give the laptop a nice fresh start without issues from viruses or spyware. This also helps to remove any personal information which the seller had on the computer.

The actual cosmetic condition of the used laptop is another aspect of what you should consider. The primary reason for this is that when the laptop is in good condition in this respect then it will indicate that it has been well taken care of by the previous owner. This is always a good sign since getting a healthy laptop computer can mean a long life of use and reliability.

HP Pavilion DV7 Beats Audio 640GB 18GHz AMD Quadcore 8GB Laptop Windows 10
HP Pavilion DV7 Beats Audio 640GB 18GHz AMD Quadcore 8GB Laptop Windows 10
HP Pavilion DV6000 Laptop AMD 180GHz 160GB 4GB Win 7 MS Office Webcam
HP Pavilion DV6000 Laptop AMD 180GHz 160GB 4GB Win 7 MS Office Webcam
HP EliteBook 8440p 14 Core i5 24GHz 4GB 128GB SSD Webcam Wireless Win 7 Laptop
HP EliteBook 8440p 14 Core i5 24GHz 4GB 128GB SSD Webcam Wireless Win 7 Laptop
HP EliteBook 8440p 14 Core i5 24GHz 4GB 256GB SSD Webcam Wireless Win 7 Laptop
HP EliteBook 8440p 14 Core i5 24GHz 4GB 256GB SSD Webcam Wireless Win 7 Laptop
HP EliteBook 8540w Laptop Intel i7 620M 267Ghz 4GB 320GB Quadro FX880M Win 7
HP EliteBook 8540w Laptop Intel i7 620M 267Ghz 4GB 320GB Quadro FX880M Win 7
HP EliteBook 2570P Core i7 290GHz Laptop 500GB 4GB Windows 7 Ultimate
HP EliteBook 2570P Core i7 290GHz Laptop 500GB 4GB Windows 7 Ultimate
HP EliteBook 8460p 14 Laptop Intel Core i5 25Ghz 4GB 320GB Windows 10
HP EliteBook 8460p 14 Laptop Intel Core i5 25Ghz 4GB 320GB Windows 10
HP 15 f233wm 156in 500GB Intel Celeron N 16GHz 4GB Notebook Laptop
HP 15 f233wm 156in 500GB Intel Celeron N 16GHz 4GB Notebook Laptop
BARGAIN 17 HP Compaq nx9420 Laptop PC Intel Duo 166GHz 200GB 25GB Windows7 1
BARGAIN 17 HP Compaq nx9420 Laptop PC Intel Duo 166GHz 200GB 25GB Windows7 1
HP Mini 311 116 Atom N270 16GHz 3GB 160GB WebCam Wi Fi Laptop +AC
HP Mini 311 116 Atom N270 16GHz 3GB 160GB WebCam Wi Fi Laptop +AC

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For $200 Laptops you should expect the following:

There are numerous makes and models of laptops for sale under 200 dollars to choose from and in this price range they often share relatively similar specifications. Aside from the overall condition of the laptop here are some of the specs that you should typically expect to find:

  • RAM: 512MB and Up
  • Operating System: XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Hard Drive: 40GB and Up
  • Screen Size: 10.1" to 17"
  • CPU: Pentium 4, Dual Core, Athlon
  • Wi-Fi: Wireless Capabilities
  • Optical Drive: CD/DVD Combo
  • Good Cosmetic Condition
  • Good Operating Condition

Basic specs like this will allow you to use your laptop for all the most popular activities today. From school work and business to gaming and social media, you will find these basic features on most of the cheap laptops which we feature. Just remember that when a used or refurbished laptop has been well taken care of it often shows in its condition as well as its description.

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Solutions which are Cheap Enough for Refurbished Laptops

Would it be worth the cost to have a broken laptop refurbished? This is a question that is presented to many people once their laptops develop an issue, typically with hardware. It is definitely possible to make refurbished laptops just as good as new in the sense that all components as well as installed software are running fresh like they were when they originally left the factory.

If a customer is faced with this question it would be pretty obvious that the actual cost of the parts and labor to deal with the broken laptop would be the first order of business. Would the laptop be worth $200 or less when compared to one that is already working? Some of the hardware components within a laptop are especially expensive and will often be the main cause of the customer choosing to not go the way of fixing or replacing them. The cost of labor will always be a significant factor as well.

The reality is that to properly refurbish laptops which require complete disassembly is going to be significantly more time consuming than other minor projects. This in itself will greatly affect the labor charges. When used laptops under 200 dollars are capable of fully replacing the broken laptops in a much cheaper manner, the solution is usually pretty predictable. Nobody is looking to spend more money than what is necessary.

While every situation is different, we will often recommend to customers that they should look at having their important data transferred to the replacement laptop from the old one. There are some instances where the actual hard drive from the old laptop can be used in one of the cheap laptops under $200 that is a replacement however this is not really a good method in all cases. Basically the issues with tracking down all the drivers and the pesky issues with the operating system in doing this kind of a procedure simply ads more time the labor costs anyway. Luckily there are much quicker and long term better approaches.

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Laptops HDD Diagnosing Intermittent Issues

Occasionally there are instances where a customer is having intermittent issues with their laptop and they admittedly are at a loss as to why. This is a very good time to have a laptop technician look into the matter because in all honesty, the intermittent issues can be the toughest to diagnose and resolve.

Some people have issues such as this which are related to the hard drive. One key component for anyone is to keep the important stuff backed up by all means. Quite often the aforementioned intermittent laptop issues are going to be related to the hard drive. This is true of refurbished laptops under 200 just as it holds true for a brand new model. In our experience most hard drives provide many years of life, but as with any product produced there are always those which seem destined to be bad straight from the factory. Most of these luckily enough are going to fail very rapidly, and thus under warranty in most instances.

Some customers will have questions about RAID systems and this is fine in some cases. We have had business owners specifically request custom builds which use RAID, but for laptops the best bet is a constant and reliable data backup strategy. Even if the intermittent issues set in, as long as the information is retrievable then the computer hardware is an easily solved dilemma.

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Laptop Operating Temperatures

Laptop operating temperatures can vary widely depending on the make and model of the laptop. Many variables come into play, but generally 60 to 80 degrees Celsius during idle and even heavy usage is going to be considered too high. It is a good idea to benchmark and monitor your laptop operating temperature.

Always operate your new, used or refurbished laptop computer in an environment which allows a decent amount of air flow. In other words, it may not be such a good idea to operate your laptop in a closed area or extremely small room for prolonged periods of time. This will ultimately not be a sufficient amount of airflow.

Over the years many customers have asked us if the laptop fans should run constantly, or they may have been concerned about the laptop operating temperature because they thought the fan was not running enough. The laptop fan should not run constantly, it should only come on at varying intervals and this is its way of attempting to maintain a constant operating temperature range.

Another form of excessive heat which can affect the laptop even when it is not running has to do with where the laptop is stored, and for how long it is stored there. For example, you should not store your laptop in the trunk of your car for prolonged periods of time. We have seen the results of this during hot summer days where a customer had been out of town for a couple of weeks. The laptop had actually suffered damaged (melted) plastics as a result of this. This same situation can apply if the laptop has been left out in direct sunlight as well.

The main culprit is usually the fact that the air vents on the laptop are blocked or have become clogged. Having the laptop sit next to a wall or having objects sit in front of the air vents can definitely cause issues with laptop operating temperatures. Taking notice of these points can help prolong the life of the refurbished laptops under 200 even further due to the fact that proper care plays a large part in this.

Dust and other debris can build up over time and actually clog the laptops air vents and even its fan. Try to keep these cleaned out by spraying compressed air into the vents occasionally in order to attempt to keep them clear of debris build up and ultimately avoid the ill-effects of high laptop operating temperatures.

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Share Folder Windows XP Laptop

When you want to share a file or a folder with other users on a Windows XP refurbished laptop what you need to do is move the item or items into the Shared Documents folder which is setup for sharing by default. This is a nice and easy method of sharing but it is not really very customizable for instances where you would want to share files over the network with a bit more control.

You could create a folder on your XP laptop (or use an existing one) and right click the folder and choose Sharing and Security from the menu which will pop up. Next place a check mark in the box which says "Share this Folder on the Network" and then you can use the folder's name or create a customized name for the actual share. This may be a good idea if you intend to use some form of naming convention which you like or if you wanted to keep the share names at a certain length.

Below the "Share Name" dialog box is another check box which you can put a check mark in if you want to allow other users on the network to have the ability to change your files. Keep in mind that if other users change the files then you may not be aware of them being changed. In some instances this is OK for example if people are working on a group project and by design everyone simply uses the updated files as part of an ongoing structured plan.

In a business domain setting these configurations on your XP refurbished laptop as well as access to other settings such as Task Manager (which has to do with laptop performance) will most likely be controlled by specific user permissions and the level of detail will be much more granular by design.

Keep in mind also that Windows XP Home Edition is not a network client operating system and the level of control will be much less than with Windows XP Professional Edition. The XP Home Edition is for basic home computing scenarios and does just fine for most users who have no need or intentions of setting up more advanced networks with their laptop. Windows XP Professional is commonly found on refurbished laptops under 200 these days and has long since been the most widely used as well as appreciated client operating system ever, based on the feedback we still receive from clients long after Vista has been out.

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