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Keeping Laptop Prices Cheap does not mean limiting Quality

Each year will bring new laptop models which will reflect varying levels of features and each will also focus on specific consumers as well as price points. The basic laptop models are going to have what most people are looking for in a cheap laptop under 200 dollars. Even the basics are going to have multiple methods for connecting to the Internet such as Fast Ethernet as well as WiFi options. These days either one of these are going to be fast, and for those laptops designed with 802.11G for instance the speeds are going to be quite acceptable for gaming on the laptop as well. This will however depend greatly upon the actual download and upload speeds which you are getting from your Internet Service Provider or ISP. In most areas today there are options which are at least adequate for streaming video and gaming too.

Within the last few months there has been a noticeable amount of great laptop deals under 300 dollars each of which have the two ways of network connectivity, wired and wireless, yet these also have faster Central Processing Units (CPUs) as well. The Intel Dual Core processors can be found in many of these, from various manufactures, and they ultimately help the laptop perform faster during anything that you do on it. However if you are really considering what the additional cost will bring you should consider the following. By simply paying a little more for the laptop, yet remaining under $300 the processor may in certain units have better caching capabilities which will help in the performance of the laptop when you are online gaming for instance. This tends to be worth considering and looking further into to those consumers who like to use their laptops for these purposes. But what if you only need to do the basics on your laptop?

Refurbished Laptop

Those people who only need a basic notebook computer are in luck as well. Sure, there are going to be standards these days which in the past years would have cost far more but when they are considered standard even on the cheap laptops then there is relatively little price difference for them. If you look at some of the laptops for 200-300 dollars over the last year for instance then you will see some similarities among them no matter which manufacturer they are. This is in essence a great example of how the standard features within lower priced laptops today are found on the various cheap refurbished models. The overall speed however is going to depend on far more than just the CPU and the caching capabilities yet many consumers merely want to know the less technical information regarding the laptop specifications. So what we typically find is that people are interested in the connectivity options, the processor speed, the amount of Random Access Memory or RAM, and the hard drive space.

Sure, these are just the basics but you might be surprised at how often people only consider things like how many USB ports there are or whether there are ports for SD Cards and similar features as an afterthought. It is interesting but ultimately when people are considering the benefits of any cheap laptops under 300 dollars they will have what they want already in mind to some degree. We always recommend doing at least some research into the individual models before making a decision. This will help you understand not only the features better but the quality of the laptop as well.

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