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Solutions which are Cheap Enough for Refurbished Laptops

Would it be worth the cost to have a broken laptop refurbished? This is a question that is presented to many people once their laptops develop an issue, typically with hardware. It is definitely possible to make refurbished laptops just as good as new in the sense that all components as well as installed software are running fresh like they were when they originally left the factory.

If a customer is faced with this question it would be pretty obvious that the actual cost of the parts and labor to deal with the broken laptop would be the first order of business. Would the laptop be worth $200 or less when compared to one that is already working? Some of the hardware components within a laptop are especially expensive and will often be the main cause of the customer choosing to not go the way of fixing or replacing them. The cost of labor will always be a significant factor as well.

The reality is that to properly refurbish laptops which require complete disassembly is going to be significantly more time consuming than other minor projects. This in itself will greatly affect the labor charges. When used laptops under 200 dollars are capable of fully replacing the broken laptops in a much cheaper manner, the solution is usually pretty predictable. Nobody is looking to spend more money than what is necessary.

While every situation is different, we will often recommend to customers that they should look at having their important data transferred to the replacement laptop from the old one. There are some instances where the actual hard drive from the old laptop can be used in one of the cheap laptops under $200 that is a replacement however this is not really a good method in all cases. Basically the issues with tracking down all the drivers and the pesky issues with the operating system in doing this kind of a procedure simply ads more time the labor costs anyway. Luckily there are much quicker and long term better approaches.

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