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Share Folder Windows XP Laptop

When you want to share a file or a folder with other users on a Windows XP refurbished laptop what you need to do is move the item or items into the Shared Documents folder which is setup for sharing by default. This is a nice and easy method of sharing but it is not really very customizable for instances where you would want to share files over the network with a bit more control.

You could create a folder on your XP laptop (or use an existing one) and right click the folder and choose Sharing and Security from the menu which will pop up. Next place a check mark in the box which says "Share this Folder on the Network" and then you can use the folder's name or create a customized name for the actual share. This may be a good idea if you intend to use some form of naming convention which you like or if you wanted to keep the share names at a certain length.

Below the "Share Name" dialog box is another check box which you can put a check mark in if you want to allow other users on the network to have the ability to change your files. Keep in mind that if other users change the files then you may not be aware of them being changed. In some instances this is OK for example if people are working on a group project and by design everyone simply uses the updated files as part of an ongoing structured plan.

In a business domain setting these configurations on your XP refurbished laptop as well as access to other settings such as Task Manager (which has to do with laptop performance) will most likely be controlled by specific user permissions and the level of detail will be much more granular by design.

Keep in mind also that Windows XP Home Edition is not a network client operating system and the level of control will be much less than with Windows XP Professional Edition. The XP Home Edition is for basic home computing scenarios and does just fine for most users who have no need or intentions of setting up more advanced networks with their laptop. Windows XP Professional is commonly found on refurbished laptops under 200 these days and has long since been the most widely used as well as appreciated client operating system ever, based on the feedback we still receive from clients long after Vista has been out.

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