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No shame in Hobbyists taking their Laptop to a Technician

There are plenty of people who are able to do basic laptop repair and maintenance on their own machines, and they often use some basic guidelines before they attempt jobs that may be either too difficult or that require special tools. This is a brief overview of just what some of these may be.

Laptop to Technician

The laptop troubleshooting procedure will often involve a lot of research in order to narrow down what the exact issue happens to be. If the issue is software related then the culprit is usually spyware or malware of some type.

This can certainly be addressed and rectified with the right tools, yet much of the time the damage done already will require additional work in order to completely rid the laptop of the malware which is causing the issues. This is where the additional time will come in since there can be many symptoms that need to be addressed in order to correct the ill-effects of the spyware, worm or virus.

Laptops are really not inexpensive items, however sometimes the cost of a repair can exceed the actual value of the laptop under its present condition. In our experience most customers will simply look at replacing the computer if the costs exceed its value. As for the hobbyists who enjoy working on computers, they will likely expend a lot of their own time trying to rectify issues before they would ever consider bringing the laptop to a technician.

It is this type of customer who typically has the basics as far as tools go. These items include anti-static tools such as the mat and the wrist strap. Various screw drivers are also a must since all laptops are secured with some type of fastener, typically Phillips head yet occasionally special hex head screws. Needle nose pliers and prying tools are also useful to have. As far as more involved troubleshooting goes, there is a need to have a variety of spare tools and parts on hand which is why eventually many hobbyists will wind up taking the broken laptop to the repair shop in order to have a technician look at it.

There is no shame in this though and we often find that it is actually quite beneficial to hear what the customer has already done as far as troubleshooting goes. This can be a real plus and a time saver in attempting to quickly diagnose an issue with a computer whether what has already been tried is appropriate or not.

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