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Differences between Refurbished Laptops and Used Laptops

What is the difference between Refurbished Laptops and Used Laptops?

This is a good question and the differences are pretty basic. If you think about used laptops, they are simply pre-owned meaning that they have been sold and are no longer considered new. They might be several years old or they may only be a few months old. However, they are by definition "used" since they simply are no longer "brand new".

Refurbished laptops on the other hand are essentially used laptops yet they have undergone some form of testing by either competent laptop technicians in a shop, depot or factory. Many of the factory refurbished laptops will come with a warranty (6 months is quite common) from the manufacturer or occasionally from the retailer.


The testing and servicing of the refurbished laptop is a plus for the buyer since it identifies and addresses any issues with the hardware by replacing it. In our experience, the majority of laptops which are factory refurbished will make use of refurbished parts as well. If you read the warranty of a major computer manufacture then you might just find that this is true. The replacement parts which address issues with the laptop while it is under the initial warranty (as in a brand new laptop) will often actually be used or refurbished. This is very common and is certainly not a bad thing. Actually the parts themselves will undergo a good deal of testing as well.


Typically the software in a refurbished laptop is going to be reset to the way it was when it first came out of the factory. This involves the formatting of the hard drive and then the re-imaging of it. Take a factory refurbished laptop for example. The model will have initially included the operating system, drivers for that specific model, utilities and several applications (often trial versions). This image will be placed onto the hard drive as it would have been when it was initially made. Many major computer companies will perform these refurbishing processes at the same location which produces the laptops.

Advantages of Both

The primary advantage of buying used or refurbished laptops is the price. This can ultimately amount to a substantial savings, especially buying used laptops. The refurbished laptops will typically command a higher price than comparable used models. The used laptops will provide the most significant savings and in some instances will have a warranty as well. At Priceit.biz we provide the best, most current selection of laptops under 200 dollars so that you can carefully look at the buying options available and make the most informed decision. No matter what price range you are in, hopefully this information gives you a great perspective of what the difference between refurbished laptops and used models are and ultimately helps you save cash.

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