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Dell Laptops Power Wizard

The Power Management Wizard in the original Windows XP Professional operating system which was fully loaded on many new and Dell refurbished laptops is used to set various power management options which include sleep modes, power modes, and the low battery charge alarms as well. This can make it very easy for you to customize the settings on used laptops to fit your particular needs.

The setting Sleep Modes screen will allow you to define the Standby and Hibernate modes. In other words this is where you can go to enable or disable these modes on your laptop. You can also choose what the laptop will do when you close the LCD display. For example when you close the lid of your laptop computer you can have the operating system do nothing, enter Standby mode, or enter Hibernate mode. You may have special instances where these settings allow you to have your laptop remain active for longer durations at certain times.

You will also be able to select just how your used laptop will respond when you push the power button. Once again the selections are to have no action taken, enter Standby mode, or enter Hibernate mode. In addition you may be able to simply have the operating system shut done the laptop all together. One additional choice here is to have the operating system to prompt the user as to what they want to do at this time.

These are extremely handy and give the user a great opportunity to fully customize the power management of their laptop computer. This is not only good for cutting down on power consumption but it may just help extend the life of the computer since it can play a role in keeping it cool and extending the lifespan of the internal components.

Many of the used discount laptops under 200 today are high quality laptops which may have Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 installed on the hard drive. The particular steps will vary slightly between the operating systems yet this type of setting can be located through the Control Panel among other simple means of your choice.

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