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How to disable the UAC on your Laptop

We will give you the simple steps to disable the UAC here, but also provide you with a bit of information about what it is and why it may be best to leave it on and just deal with the pop-ups as needed.

The User Account Control feature will alert the user to the fact that a program is attempting to run on the system. This is a security feature that greatly helps in the effort to prevent unwanted programs to run without your knowledge. This can be a great layer of defense for your computer. So keep this in mind when you are considering disabling it.

Since many of the discount laptops have Vista or Windows 7 installed on them you may be used to the User Account Control feature unless you have previously been using Windows XP or earlier. For a while there, the really cheap laptops for sale were usually going to have XP installed on them. These days however, many of the laptops under 200 dollars will have Vista or even Windows 7 installed on them. However, one thing that seems to cause new Vista or Windows 7 users a little bit of annoyance is the popup notification that the operating needs your permission to allow a certain application to run for instance. This might be an annoyance, but it is actually a security feature that helps protect your computer.

First UAC Screen

First UAC Screen

Here are the basic steps to disable or enable the UAC on a computer running Vista. Go to the Control Panel by clicking your Start button in the lower left area of the taskbar. In the dialog box where is says "Start Search" you can type in the word control. This will bring up the ability to select the Control Panel from the Program list. Once you have done that, in the upper right corner of the window you will see the search box. Here type UAC (lower case letters are fine), and you will see that you are presented with the ability to choose whether the User Account Control is set to on or off.

Second UAC Screen

Second UAC Screen

If you want the UAC to be off then simply un-check the box and be prepared to reboot your computer. That is all there is to turning off the UAC on your laptop or desktop computer running Vista.

In Windows 7 you still access the ability to set this on or off through the Control Panel, however you will have a few more choices in between whether it is completely off or if you would prefer to leave it on yet have less of the pop-ups depending on what the programs are doing.

Most people have been using one of these two operating systems for a while now, but if you have been using XP still and you find these pop-ups to be annoying, then you can make the decision of whether you want to go leave them on for the security they offer or not.

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Laptops have Factory Recommended Power Settings

While there are undoubtedly plenty of small similarities between portable computers and desktop computers, they are fundamentally quite different when it comes to powering them. The most obvious aspects of these differences include the portability that laptops have in comparison. The great thing is that while they are smaller thus more portable, they are capable of doing an equal amount of tasks comparable to desktops. Many of the cheap $200 laptops for instance will have newer and highly powerful processors like the various dual core models which have been around for several years now. They are also much improved for saving power. So the technology is where they really begin to show the differences between them once you get past their smaller screens and keyboard sizes.

You know that laptops are the perfect solution to going portable, we all know that right? They are lightweight and are simple enough to pack away and carry with you. But their internal method of being powered externally or by batteries (when you want to) allows them to be more efficient in the power that they use (and conserve). This is not something that is part of desktop computers. Laptops have specially designed versions of processors for one thing. These processors are specifically designed to keep the laptop in a variety of power conservation modes when it is not being used. These features are located within the operating system and easy to configure.

The good thing is that the operating system will usually have the most effective power settings already set for your laptop when it is new, or after you do a fresh installation of the operating system. These are essentially the most adequate recommended factory settings and they are designed to help your laptop conserve as much power as it can, especially when it is running on battery power.

Factory Settings

  • Dell Recommended Power Settings
  • Additional Options to Change the Settings

If you need to adjust your settings, or you just want to see what they are currently set at, you can find them through your Control Panel. In Windows operating systems you can get there simply through your Start Menu, Control Panel and take a look at the Power Options in your laptop. If you do decide to change something from the original factory settings, you can always revert back. Do this simply by choosing the recommended settings shown in the graphic here which shows that it is as easy as switching radio buttons between the options.

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Heads up about Netbooks in the 200 Dollar Price Range

There are instances where a netbook may or may not be the right solution for what you need in a laptop, so here is a heads up if you are comparing laptops in the 200 dollar price range. If you are going to consider purchasing one of the cheap netbooks for sale these days then you really should plan to upgrade the memory from 1GB to 2GB for performance reasons. Do these kinds of laptops under 200 dollars perform alright with just 1GB? Yes they do but they can be noticeably slow to respond even during completely basic stuff like viewing web pages. The new ones are typically going to be running Windows 7 which is much more resource intensive than XP was for example. So if you can afford to, you should increase the RAM to 2GB. Basically on every netbook that we have tested this with, the performance difference is very noticeable.

When using netbooks like this you really should not expect them to be some kind of a desktop replacement anyway. They are small and lightweight and that is essentially their main appeal. They do well for the basic stuff such as online things like email, web browsing, also creating and editing documents and spreadsheets. But when there is only the bare minimum amount of memory installed in the netbook then things will be slow. It is noticeable and really the price of laptop RAM is so cheap these days that you might as well just count on the upgrade right from the beginning.

More new models today will have improved technology like DDR3 for instance which can be noticeable performance wise during basic use. But remember that tying to stay under 200 dollars will limit the model choices. Keeping in mind that the cheap laptops for sale like these are going to be limited in what they can effectively do will help you avoid finding this out later on. Getting a good refurbished laptop on the other hand can be a better option for you if you do need a more powerful computer. One that is larger and has more powerful components, like processor, motherboard and RAM for instance, will ultimately be much more responsive to basic computing tasks. They will also be able to do the more advanced things (meaning the need for more available resources) like video watching or working with large files. The smaller laptops, even with maxed out memory, will still not be a good solution for more than the basics.

There are some new models which do actually have better processors and more RAM though. However they are slightly larger too (13 inch screen sizes for instance) and they are much more than 200 dollars. So at least there is a choice among the various cheap laptops for sale today. The things to consider are how responsive you want your laptop to be. If you do absolutely nothing but the basics then some of the new netbook models can give you a good tool for the job, bearing in mind that they can require a bit more patience when working with them. Or if you want a more versatile and powerful model then the refurbished laptops can be a great choice when the price is a consideration.

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Cheap Laptops for Sale Under 200 and what to Expect

Besides the price the good thing about cheap laptops for sale under 200 is that they are quite often used laptops with great features which sold for a much higher price originally. Like practically any other electronic device when they are used they can be a really good solution, and some of the best laptop deals will have lots of useful life ahead of them. This is where condition comes in. Lots of people use their laptop for a few years and then upgrade to a new laptop. When they sell their used laptop it creates a great opportunity.

Cheap Laptops for Sale Under $200

What should you actually look for in one of these used or refurbished laptops? Essentially the condition is going to be what determines the best deal. Take a look at the description to make sure that the computer is in good working condition. This will include things like being able to access the Internet and that it is not running slow. Keep in mind though that a fresh installation of the operating system just like on new laptops is a good idea, and many sellers will already have done this. This will give the laptop a nice fresh start without issues from viruses or spyware. This also helps to remove any personal information which the seller had on the computer.

The actual cosmetic condition of the used laptop is another aspect of what you should consider. The primary reason for this is that when the laptop is in good condition in this respect then it will indicate that it has been well taken care of by the previous owner. This is always a good sign since getting a healthy laptop computer can mean a long life of use and reliability.

HP Split X2 13 m110dx 133in Convertible Touchscreen Laptop Notebook Tablet Nice
HP Split X2 13 m110dx 133in Convertible Touchscreen Laptop Notebook Tablet Nice
HP Probook 4530s Laptop
HP Probook 4530s Laptop
HP Pavilion DV6000 Laptop AMD 180GHz 160GB 4GB Win 7 MS Office Webcam
HP Pavilion DV6000 Laptop AMD 180GHz 160GB 4GB Win 7 MS Office Webcam
Hewlett Packard HP 15 F272WM 156 Intel Pentium 216GHz 4GB 500GB Laptop
Hewlett Packard HP 15 F272WM 156 Intel Pentium 216GHz 4GB 500GB Laptop
Hewlett Packard Red HP 15 F272WM 156 Intel Pentium 216GHz 4GB 500GB Laptop
Hewlett Packard Red HP 15 F272WM 156 Intel Pentium 216GHz 4GB 500GB Laptop
HP Laptop Notebook Windows 10 Pro
HP Laptop Notebook Windows 10 Pro
HP 2000 Notebook Pc AMD DVD RW Web Cam Laptop no power cord C1 1
HP 2000 Notebook Pc AMD DVD RW Web Cam Laptop no power cord C1 1
HP EliteBook 2760p 2in1 Laptop Tablet i728GHz 8GB 500GB Touch Windows 10 Pro
HP EliteBook 2760p 2in1 Laptop Tablet i728GHz 8GB 500GB Touch Windows 10 Pro
Hp Laptop  Used
Hp Laptop Used

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For $200 Laptops you should expect the following:

There are numerous makes and models of laptops for sale under 200 dollars to choose from and in this price range they often share relatively similar specifications. Aside from the overall condition of the laptop here are some of the specs that you should typically expect to find:

  • RAM: 512MB and Up
  • Operating System: XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Hard Drive: 40GB and Up
  • Screen Size: 10.1" to 17"
  • CPU: Pentium 4, Dual Core, Athlon
  • Wi-Fi: Wireless Capabilities
  • Optical Drive: CD/DVD Combo
  • Good Cosmetic Condition
  • Good Operating Condition

Basic specs like this will allow you to use your laptop for all the most popular activities today. From school work and business to gaming and social media, you will find these basic features on most of the cheap laptops which we feature. Just remember that when a used or refurbished laptop has been well taken care of it often shows in its condition as well as its description.

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Differences between Refurbished Laptops and Used Laptops

What is the difference between Refurbished Laptops and Used Laptops?

This is a good question and the differences are pretty basic. If you think about used laptops, they are simply pre-owned meaning that they have been sold and are no longer considered new. They might be several years old or they may only be a few months old. However, they are by definition "used" since they simply are no longer "brand new".

Refurbished laptops on the other hand are essentially used laptops yet they have undergone some form of testing by either competent laptop technicians in a shop, depot or factory. Many of the factory refurbished laptops will come with a warranty (6 months is quite common) from the manufacturer or occasionally from the retailer.


The testing and servicing of the refurbished laptop is a plus for the buyer since it identifies and addresses any issues with the hardware by replacing it. In our experience, the majority of laptops which are factory refurbished will make use of refurbished parts as well. If you read the warranty of a major computer manufacture then you might just find that this is true. The replacement parts which address issues with the laptop while it is under the initial warranty (as in a brand new laptop) will often actually be used or refurbished. This is very common and is certainly not a bad thing. Actually the parts themselves will undergo a good deal of testing as well.


Typically the software in a refurbished laptop is going to be reset to the way it was when it first came out of the factory. This involves the formatting of the hard drive and then the re-imaging of it. Take a factory refurbished laptop for example. The model will have initially included the operating system, drivers for that specific model, utilities and several applications (often trial versions). This image will be placed onto the hard drive as it would have been when it was initially made. Many major computer companies will perform these refurbishing processes at the same location which produces the laptops.

Advantages of Both

The primary advantage of buying used or refurbished laptops is the price. This can ultimately amount to a substantial savings, especially buying used laptops. The refurbished laptops will typically command a higher price than comparable used models. The used laptops will provide the most significant savings and in some instances will have a warranty as well. At Priceit.biz we provide the best, most current selection of laptops under 200 dollars so that you can carefully look at the buying options available and make the most informed decision. No matter what price range you are in, hopefully this information gives you a great perspective of what the difference between refurbished laptops and used models are and ultimately helps you save cash.

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